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Ultrahuman - SoundField tracks

Aggiornamento: 21 feb 2022

Excerpt of the work for Ultrahuman with this video from their Instagram.

For this job, I had to go in different places to record some fields such as in the Alps mountains, on the volcano Stromboli, in some mediterraneans islands... These recordings were then edited and mixed in stereo and 5.1 surround for the App and used as meditative and relaxing audio.

Story behind Ultrahuman

Mohit was training at one of the largest MMA camps in the world ( Tiger Muay Thai ). There

he observed athletes train smartly via usage of data, recovery tools and protocols.

“When I started comparing it to gyms and systems available back home for general users, I

realized that the way people workout and train today is a lot about a certain protocol that is

famous and trending but not backed by data and neither is it personalized.

I felt that these personalization systems are not just relevant for athletes but also general

people because what these tools enable is efficiency and impact—that’s relevant for

everyone. Who does not want to improve faster.

I spoke to Vatsal who was a biohacker and crossfit enthusiast himself and came up with a

vision for Ultrahuman where we can make the journey of fitness for people way more

personalized and impactful.

In our search for impact metrics, we started going deep into glucose trends as a core metric

for indicating the health performance of an individual.”

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