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About my work


I'm an experienced freelance sound designer and field recorder. My job is to find and design the sound that fits the best to your project. Listening carefully to your attempts in order to serve you the product for what you came for.
You can also commission specific sounds or soundscapes from all over the world. I got all my record gears and I can assure you the best recording quality.

I started working for cinema as a sound production mixer when I was 19 years old and I've been working in this field ever since.
In the meanwhile I started doing some sound postproduction and sonic design. Working above all for motion graphic video and animation. I cooperate also in sound installations, exhibitions with photographers and live animators...
I always try to diversify the project i'm working on.

I really love creating my own sounds, working with my personal libraries and experiments are part of my daily work. I use digital, analog and acoustic processing to get the best result. With my experience of field recorder, I go everywhere to capture sounds and to enhance my sound library.

Thanks for the attention, I invite you to scroll down and discover some of my works.


derush-photo.Image fixe049.jpg
Festival Pensiero Magico - video promo
Clovis Tisserand

Festival Pensiero Magico - video promo

Festival Pensiero Magico - video promo

Sound design - Please Me

AMUE - 30 ANS -sound design

Cinéma du Réel - bande annonce

L'Oréal - La gestion de l'information - 1/3 - sound design

Sidaction - Sound design

ATTILA - Sound Design

C40 - 15 Minute City - Sound Design


Sound design - Logo La Filmerie

CPLC - Le rapport du GIEC 2018

Agatha 45 ans

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